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Frequently asked questions


are kids allowed?

We are family friendly until 8pm. At 8pm all kids need to leave. 

From 8-10pm 18+ 

From 10pm-Close 21+

how do i have my birthday party at sarbez?

If the party is 10 people or under there is no need to call ahead.

You may bring cake and a couple decorations but please clean up when you are done!

If you are planning on more than 10 or looking to rent out the space, please send a text to 904-547-1869 *no calls*

ARE we pet friendy?

Service dogs WITH A SERVICE VEST are allowed inside and out.

All other dogs are allowed on the front and back patio only.

Can i make a reservation?


Do we have gluten free bread?


How can i book my band / a show?

Contact Richard Lepre

Do we have dairy free cheese?


do we have anything other than grilled cheese?

We have hot dogs too!

No, we don't have french fries and we aren't sorry about it.

if your question was not answered...

Please call during business hours


do we have outside seating?

Yes, we have an awesome patio!

ATM? COIN MACHINE? cash? card?

Yes, yes, yes and yes. NO TOKENS!


1. Every human is a human!

NO sexism, racism, homophobia and or transphobia, NONE.

2. If you are RUDE and or CREEPY,

we will ask you to leave.

We can not promise that we will ask nicely.

3. Keep your dumb, stupid hands to yourself.


Yes, you should have learned this in 1st grade.

4. If you abuse drugs, they will abuse you back.

You only have one brain.

5. Support the musicians!

They are not slaves to your ears.

Listen to them or go play outside.

Tip them.

Buy merch.

Buy them drinks.

Be grateful for the music.

Imagine a world with no music...

6. Buy something.

This is a business, not a house.

Don't have money? Go away.

We are not being funded by the government to keep this place open so you can use our bathroom, drink our water, sit in our chairs and consume our air. 

If you think you can "blend in" at least wear your shoes and throw away your trash.

Stop being a gnat.

7. Don't touch the sound board.

Don't even look at it.

I don't care if you've done sound for the Goo Goo Dolls.

I also don't care about your frequency app.

8. No PETS allowed.

This includes snakes. 

NO snakes at all ever.

You can't bring snakes in here.

9. Respect this place.

Don't write on the floors, walls and or the decor.

Don't steal anything.

No. It's not cool to steal our cute plants.

Not sexy at all.

Imagine every person each stole one thing?

Sarbez! would be an empty shell.

10. Don't be a ROBOT.

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